New Mortgage Deals from Newcastle

To support a large number of first time buyers, Newcastle Building Society has launched two new mortgage deals. The new deals include a two year fixed rate deal at 90% LTV on an interest of 5.99% and with a reservation fee of £195 and a completion fee of £499.

Another deal consists of 3.95% fixed rate deal at 80% LTV with a £195 reservation fee and £800 completion fee.

Newcastle’s service executive Steven Marks said that they were keen to support as many first time buyers on to the ladder as possible while encouraging movement in the market for those who already own a home.

The new deals launched require at least a minimum deposit of ten perecent.One deal is exclusively for individuals who can afford large deposit. The two products are expected to reach a wide range of people.

These mortgage products are available on a semi exclusive arrangement through Legal&General, Your Move, Positive Solutions, Brilliant solutions and Openwork.

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