About Us

Who are we?

RemortgageDeals.co.uk is a consumer website with the sole purpose of helping you, the consumer to find the best mortgage or loan deal for your circumstances by putting you in contact with an FSA regulated mortgage advisor who can search the market and talk you through your options.

What do we do?

RemortgageDeals.co.uk links people seeking mortgage and loan advice to all of market financial advisors who can help assist those people search the market and obtain detailed quotes and advice on financial products and services that suit their particular requirements.

RemortgageDeals.co.uk is committed to ensuring that you get the right personal finance deal for your particular circumstances and best of all we do this at absolutely no charge.

RemortgageDeals.co.ukis not tied to any particular bank or lender, our site is 100% impartial and our service gives you access to the entire UK market.

Why use RemortgageDeals.co.uk

Our aim is to make it easy for you to compare and find the best financial products for your circumstances

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Within the last 12 months, have you (or 2nd applicant) missed loan/mortgage repayments, declared bankruptcy or had a CCJ or IVA? If yes - we can still help.